The Barn Hunt Register

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The Barn Hunt Register is an entire suite of functional tools for you and your dog(s) to use. All registered dogs are in the Register. Using the Register enables you to:

*The create mail-in entry does not enter you in a trial, it simply auto populates a form with your dog's information you can then print and mail to the trial secretary of the trial you wish to enter. Some events may have the Create Mail-In Entry disabled per club preference.

How it works

Dogs must be registered in Barn Hunt to enter any Licensed Trial (TR) . Dogs do not have to have a Barn Hunt registration number to enter a Fun Test (FT) or training/clinic event (CL). All registrations are permanent, non-refundable and non-transferrable. Registration is a one-time lifetime per dog fee of $32. There are no annual membership fees. No charge to change/correct records or help you with errors.