Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee is a group of dedicated Barn Hunters who have wide ranging expertise in the sport. All are judges and several also have individual clubs. The Advisory Committee assists Robin in review and update of rules as well as decisions on difficult cases which occur in the sport. The Advisory Committee also has the ability to step in and address Club/Judge issues.

Judge Development Chair

The Judge Development chair assists with all aspects of certifying new judges in the sport including application review, test results, assigning mentors, and more.

Club Development Chair

The Club Development Chair assists new Clubs and Clubs that may need assistance with managing events.

Course Review Chair

The Course Review Chair heads up course review for both prospective and current Judges. The Review group consists of at least 3 people who each review the courses for legality, etc.

Barn Hunt Juniors Program

See for our new and exciting program for Junior handlers.


Robin Nuttall, the founder/owner of the sport, answers the main email, and is always willing to help with any issues or questions competitors, judges, or clubs may have.