The Annual Zipper Spirit Award

Zipper is the dog who inspired the sport of Barn Hunt. The Zipper Spirit Award is a very special award chosen by Robin Nuttall. The person winning the Zipper Spirit award has demonstrated the values integral to the sport; exemplifying the Dedication, Determination, Integrity, and Joy of Barn Hunt. The original Leslie Hutto Bronze has been retired. The Zipper Spirit Award winner receives a custom Crystal vase.

The Zipper Spirit Award is announced at the Annual Awards Banquet at the Barn Hunt National.

Past Winners

2014: Jennifer Riess

2015: Lisa Quast

2016: Victoria Hall

2017: Jackie McVeigh and Will McVeigh

2018: Bonnie Gutzwiler

2019: Laurie Cowhig

2020: Dan Mata

2021: Dianne Anstine

2022: Tina Bevan

2023: Dix Dixon