Barn Hunt Regionals

Starting in 2019, Barn Hunt will hold Regional competitions as a way for dogs to be able to earn Byes (reserved spots) for entry into the Barn Hunt National each year. In 2019, dogs will be competing for guaranteed entry spots in the 2020 National.

Dogs will be able to compete in Hurdles, Team, and four rounds of Senior or Master courses over three days.

Regionals are open to any and all dogs with an Open title (RATO) or above. Dogs are not required to compete in a Regional to attend a National, and dogs may enter a Regional competition even if they will not be able to attend the National. Regionals will be the only opportunity for competition in Team and Hurdles other than at the National.

Teams will earn Regional Medals and placements, and a special Regional Q ribbon for every dog that qualifies!

Barn Hunt Regional Rules

Locations/Dates for 2020

Regionals Results

The Club @ Argus Ranch, October 25-27 2019